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Company introduction:
Currently, MCT become China's first location in the service of high-end customers crowd high-quality Hawaii travel service company, polymerization of a new high standard tourism creative and execution team, with its mature market operation ability and unique service management concept, focus on the theme to influence people and enterprises to provide high-quality travel, business travel and private ordering service, guide and promote the new concept of depth of Hawaii travel experience.
MCT is headquartered in the Hawaiian islands are the second largest island of MAUI (MAUI), is by far, MAUI Hawaii only a Chinese travel agency, and zhengzhou representative offices respectively in Beijing, China. We are committed to high-end management, customer service and quality of life to create high-end brand of China's travel service industry.
Our services:
Focus on the high-end customer group and high quality service level, management, implement quality life excellence travel experience;
Break through the traditional tourism mode, service concept derived from the pursuit of quality life experience to walk, the life value thinking and exploring;
Respect for individual needs, advocating characteristic service, according to the specific needs of customers and tailored exclusive travel plans;
The high quality service team, provide travel planning, consultant, business help, translation and other comprehensive diversified services.
Our philosophy:
MCT vision: to build China's travel service industry of high-end brand;
MCT advocacy: with walking to discover and experience the pleasure of life, to explore the true meaning of life;
MCT promise: for every customer to provide the perfect travel experience;
MCT concept: success is the pursuit of better quality, to perfect continuously explore
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